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Lun Group adhere to the scientific concept of development, the talent is "the first resource" and development is "the first priority" together, focus on building highland of talents, and strive to build a reasonable structure, excellent quality, talent team with broad horizons, and effectively improve the competitiveness of enterprises, guarantee the group of sustained, rapid development.

Lun group always uphold the principle of "open the door, to ensure that personnel into; optimize the environment, to ensure that personnel stay; to use for this, to ensure that people on the" concept, focus on the introduction of a number of industry research and development projects, the construction of the park, asset management, financial management professional And paper printing, hotels, property, car rental and maintenance, and other aspects of business personnel, and strive to create a number of industrial development of innovative leading figures.

  Lun group advocates to maximize the value of talent, bold selection and use of ideas, daring to dare to create outstanding talents, through training to improve, on attachment training, rotation exercise way, optimize the professional skills and professional quality, the personnel take leadership positions or become the core strength of the team. And continue to deepen the internal reform, truly recruit, can be competitive. At the same time, the establishment of personal income and realize the value of the position of the hook, the formation of a "one person" of the market pay system.

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