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Shanghai Kai Lun paper printing group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1954, its predecessor is the Shanghai paper company. In recent years, in order to adapt to the changes in Shanghai, the group put reform and restructuring as an important content, the formation of a "service economy dominated, with investment building as the starting point to promote the development strategy of comprehensive restructuring of industrial structure". The group's total assets of more than 23 million yuan, net assets of 1.5 billion yuan, business income of more than 10 billion yuan, owns more than 40 members of the unit is a set of modern service industry, production manufacturing industry, domestic and foreign trade and diversified investment in one of the large state-owned enterprise groups.

In the long term to lead the direction of Shanghai state-owned papermaking industry practice, Lun group has always been subordinated to and serve the function positioning of the city of Shanghai, according to the overall planning for the development of Shanghai gradually adjust industrial structure, scale expansion, to grow their own strength. By upgrading the traditional industry, the layout of the new industry direction, Lun group in papermaking, printing and real estate business formed unique core competence and the relative competitive advantage, also involved in fine chemical industry, warehouse, hotel, car rental and car repair industry, build Lun characteristics of diversified industrial layout, reflecting the open Lun group "to change the mode of operation, the establishment of a comprehensive development group" the new pattern of guiding ideology and business ideas. In addition, Lun group also try to to enter the field of securities investment and finance, and actively planning the integration of its assets listed the development path, seeking the synchronous development of industrial operation and capital operation, will eventually move toward from the industrial business to the industrial investment, investment holding, financial holding shares of the development and evolution.


    Lun group always adhere to the "passion, integrity, in accordance with the law" concept, the full implementation of the new strategic transformation of industry, concepts, mechanisms, institutions and personnel, and to explore the new business process, to achieve new development, create new advantages. On the foundation that based on paper, beyond the paper, facing the world, to the world, airing, recruit talent, strive to open Lun to build a comprehensive competitiveness and sustainable development of diversified modern enterprise group.

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