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Paper is the historical heritage of Kai Lun group, printing is a source of innovation in the group's innovation, the future of the group will continue to consolidate the foundation of the paper, doing fine printing industry.

The years to build in Shanghai, the paper accumulation of resources, open Lun group through joint investment and cooperation with international well-known paper-making enterprises, the implementation of technological upgrading and product upgrading, promote and facilitate to clean production technology as the representative of the advanced cities made the further development of paper. Group and the Indonesian Sinar Mas Group set up a joint venture jinfengyuan paper (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., in Fengxian to build an annual output of 10 million tons of Asia's largest cardboard food production base, in cooperation with the United States Kimberly Clark Corporation, in Songjiang to build an annual output of 150000 tons of household paper production base. In addition to the production enterprise, the Kai Lun group, there are 3 companies engaged in paper and pulp import and export and domestic trade business, in 2009 the scale of more than 50 million yuan.


    Through the wholly-owned, holding, equity and other means, the open Lun group comprehensive intervention in the various segments of the city printing industry and upstream and downstream industries, integration to create a complete printing industry chain. As of the end of 2009, the group has engaged in paper printing, packaging, printing, plastic printing, laser die cutting plate production of printing related enterprises 6, the total assets of the printing industry about.

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