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"Open Lun - Chi Huiyuan" Ji Yunlu, Baoshan District, Shanghai is located in No. 111, is a 11 storey monomer construction, covering an area of 7633 square meters, with a total construction area of 9106 square meters. North Park by Yunzao Creek, West Gonghuxinlu, South distance Rail Transit Line 1 Hulan stood only a few hundred meters, Daning International Mall, Wanda Plaza, Carrefour, E-mart in close proximity, greening rate of more than 50%, building density only 11%, in the north of Shanghai create a waterfront, low density ecological garden business environment.

Project location for "mobile Internet base in Baoshan, hi-tech office", grasp the focus of regional industrial development and focused intelligence intensive enterprises, such as software, outsourcing, design, and the surrounding park form a linkage, to jointly build Baoshan District, the most innovative features of the industry in the field of office.


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