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"Open Lun - 1882" park is located in Yangpu District Yangshupu Road No. 408, former days Chapter recording paper mill site, covers an area of 8307 square meters, construction area of 16078 square meters. Block face the Huangpu River, adjacent to track traffic on the 4th line Yangshupu Road station and Dalian road tunnel, located in the North Bund shipping trade area and East Waitan village service hub location of the conversion, regional location, transport facilities, riverside landscape advantage prominent; with the Dalian Road headquarters economic agglomeration zone gradually forming, plots of location advantages and landscape value will further improve.

Combined with the characteristics of high-end business temporarily blank in the vicinity, "Lun - 1882 Park Development Positioning for creative, sightseeing, leisure, entertainment and fashion consumption in one, to riverside landscape with the Shanghai style culture is characteristic of the commercial complex. Focus on the transformation will rely on riverside, adjacent to the green, landscape water gate, rail transportation and other resources, appropriate to improve the commercial area ratio, cluster brand businesses, theme restaurants, entertainment and characteristics of chain businesses in and configure the appropriate part of the office unit for layout of the cultural creative, educational training, display cloth and other functions, build a to "cultural heritage, leisure and tourism" as the theme, the riverside hydrophilic characteristics of composite type commercial buildings as the main form of leisure culture park.


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