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Group Party committee held a mobilization meeting and lectures to teach

2016-05-25 17:29:42

On the afternoon of July 9, open Lun paper group Party committee held maintains a communist activity of advanced sex education arouses congress and lectures, all members of the group, non middle-level cadres of the party and the grass-roots unit party, government, industry and trade is responsible for a total of 80 people attended the meeting. Fengxian District standing committee, organization minister money urban and rural and steering group all members of the meeting, money and ministers and Tu Weixiang leader at the meeting made an important speech.

Begin advanced sex to teach an activity is party's 16 big to make major decisions, adhere to the "Three Represents" important thought to arm the whole party, strengthen the party's ruling ability construction, an important measure to promote the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics. According to the arrangement of the district Party committee, the group listed as the second batch of first teach the unit activity involving a party branch, 21 members, the Group owned enterprises will participate in the third installment of the first to teach an activity. Group Party Committee attaches great importance to the teaching activities, in the implementation of the "five prior", do a good job based on the preparatory work, carefully formulated the "maintain a communist advanced sex teaches an activity implementation opinions" and "to maintain a communist advanced sex teaches an activity mobilization phase of the implementation of the program", and further mobilization, elaborate deploy, strengthen guidance, strive to play good, good bureau.

The mobilization of the general assembly, group Party Secretary Zhu Zhengyi made report entitled "firm ideals and beliefs, to strengthen self construction, always maintain the advanced nature of Party members, and promote the comprehensive development of the cause of the party and" the mobilization and lectures. Group Chairman and general manager Mao closely linked to the central task, "to the advanced nature education activities as a driving force, to promote group a new round of adjustment and development" theme of the lectures.

District Party committee, Vice Minister of the United Front Work Department, the steering group leader Tu Weixiang at the meeting put forward three requirements: a need to fully understand the importance of teaching activities, the unity of thinking to the central decision. Two to correctly grasp the central, municipal and district requirements, ensure that the first education activities to achieve tangible results. Three should be closely combined with the actual, practical grasp of the first teaching activities.

Finally, district standing committee, ministers of the organization of the money and made an important speech. He first to the group of Party and government leading combined with mobilization lectures, while on the members of the group of mobilization of grass-roots leaders and cadres were concentrated retreats and training practices to be sure, think to teach activities got off to a good start. Then, the Minister of money and rural areas put forward three points of view: 1, the enterprise to engage in the first priority to seek practical results. Learning to be effective, through learning, to strengthen the party's consciousness, awareness of Party membership, ideals, adhere to the purpose, maintain the advanced nature of Party members, Party members to establish a good image, work to achieve tangible results, to speed up the development, to solve the main problems existing in the work and the effectiveness of the work now in "double twinning" activities, to care for and protect workers especially layoffs, and the reorientation of the interests, help the needy members to solve practical problems. 2, to identify and effectively solve the existing problems. Today, leading group has been the development direction to the clarification of everyone, hoped that in the leading bodies at all levels, further unify their thinking, we must grasp the opportunities obtained faster and better development. 3, the steering group to close cooperation with the group Party committee, to form a joint force, to do a good job in teaching activities.

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