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Pay attention to the "Four Combinations", to carry out the party members' advanc

2016-05-25 17:29:44

In carrying out the second batch of activity of advanced sex education, open Lun paper group party earnestly district work deployment, organization of Party members depth "in the new period Communist Party member advanced sex" big discussion. Through discussion, so that all members of the deepening of the General Secretary Hu Jintao put forward "six adhere to the" and "party constitution" provisions of Party members, Party members and cadres standard understanding, refining the group the two different levels of the advanced nature of Party members and specific requirements.

Big discussion, the group Party committee focus on the combination of the four":

First, the advanced nature of the discussion and learning party members of the advanced deeds of the combination. Dig around the typical, the internal LAN introduced the national "51 labor certificate of merit obtained, jinfengyuan paper company Comrade Li Guanghui self-taught, job dedication of the advanced deeds, introduces was named the group the excellent employee Zhu Shixing comrades advanced deeds. At the same time, organize party members to watch reflect Comrade Zhao Weimin, tsunami disaster medical teams and other typical deeds of video support, to guide the advanced character and demonstration.

Two is the advanced nature of the discussion and search, analysis of the existing problems of Party members in combination. The topic of organizational life, party seriously control requirements of Comrade Hu Jintao and "constitution", find the existing does not adapt, does not meet the requirements of the advanced nature of Party members. Party and government bodies group held a special meeting, a careful analysis of the contradictions and problems in ideology, leadership development, prospering enterprise, cultural construction, security worker rights and interests, improve the leadership of the party members and cadres adhere to standards and rectify the problem of targeted.

Three is the advanced nature of the discussion closely combined with the group's actual, job characteristics. Seriously study and understand the central about new period party members advanced nature, and at the same time, every Party member combined with the actual proposed with this unit, the positions of members of the specific requirements of the advanced nature and the party put forward specific requirements for online communication. On this basis, the comprehensive and refined, the formation of Party members and leading cadres and the specific requirements of the advanced nature of Party members.

Four is the advanced nature of the party members and the masses, the grassroots cadres identity. On August 2, 3 days, group Party committee were held Symposium on the mass and grass-roots unit leaders forum, the project-based learning to discuss the situation to everybody informed, to listen to the views of the group of leading cadres of the party and the Party member advanced sex specific requirements (Draft for discussion), further modifications.

After the Department of the party "two two" fully discussed and the masses, leading cadres at the grassroots level of active participation, "leading cadres group specific requirements of the advanced nature" and "group the ordinary Party member advanced sex specific requirements" has been finalized. All the party members of the Ministry of education is determined to teach activities as the driving force, with advanced requirements as the standard, and strive to practice the "Three Representatives", in the study, work and social life to give full play to the role of pioneer and model.

Leading cadres of the party leading cadres of the advanced nature of the party's leading cadres

The firm faith, dedication, striving, set a good example for the promotion of industrial development;

Emancipating the mind, hardworking, self break, do good for improving leadership;

The masses, safeguard the rights and interests, ningxinjuli, set an example to make a close relationship;

Seeking truth and pragmatic, pioneering and innovative, good solutions to problems, to create a first-class performance model;

Honest, strict with oneself, selfless and fearless, do good political qualities forever;

People oriented, according to the law integrity, the pursuit of excellence, to create a model of corporate culture.

The specific requirements of the advanced nature of the party members in the group

Ideals and beliefs firm, learning to study hard;

Practice of reform and development, job performance class;

The interests of the people first, helping support the first;

To create a harmonious and open, unity and cooperation is the best;

According to the integrity of the first, state-owned assets;

Words and deeds are noble, at any time to flash.

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