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The application shows the new style of Party members

2015-12-25 00:00:00

In the group of the Ministry of education to maintain the advanced nature of the Communist Party, the party members adhere to the theory with practice, while learning and action, showing a new spirit. We are based on their own, hard work, face difficulties, the courage to sacrifice, and effectively change the style, improve the pace and efficiency of the work, so that the two is not wrong, two to promote". Group deputy chief accountant Jin Dahong Comrade days of nerve inflammation attack, drug reactions are serious, but he still insisted on to learn every time, adhere to the daily work, financing for the group financial management, asset preservation and make unremitting efforts. Business Development Manager Chen Weiping one day to Taizhou and customer negotiations, the day back and forth for more than 6 hours, back to the unit to participate in the study, so that work and study two".

In the raging typhoon "Matsa" days, group compound in two big tree came crashing down, not only the pressure off the tap water pipe, caused by water flow in pipes more than and tree cross inverted exit routes, blocking the vehicle passage. Office of Party&Administration Council director Zhengguo to wear off day rushed to the scene, rescue and command. Party driver Zhen Wei Shen, Shen Simin learned of the situation also rushed to the scene to rescue, group headquarters the Rusin, Chen Jiapin staff in infection of Party members have also joined the rescue troubleshooting team. After everyone's efforts, broken water pipes to repair, and hinder the traffic of trees have moved away, to ensure the normal work of the headquarters. Group Party comrades with practical action reflects the "at the crucial moment stand out, and the masses of workers together to write the work together to fight against the typhoon and moving pictures.

With the group of the Department of activity of advanced sex education deep effectively develop, group Party Committee Organization "for the development of the group offered a plan, for the introduction of the project to help dint, for enterprises to adjust the solution to a difficult, difficult worker node to one of the" four in one "theme of practical activities also carried out in full swing. Broad Party member especially cadre of Party member leader personally, actively practice, active in-depth point of contact, help enterprises and the difficulties of the difficulties workers to solve problems. According to statistics, the Department of Party members respectively on nine difficult enterprise contact, 19 times to carry out activities; visited a total of workers in difficulties and difficulties party 22 households, 3000 yuan to send condolences to Kim and the value of goods, praised by the grassroots cadres and the masses.

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