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Domestic newsprint prices continue to decline

2016-05-26 11:12:26

2014 national newspaper paper volume of 2 million 760 thousand tons, 310 thousand tons less than in 2013. Domestic newsprint prices have continued to decline in 2014 average price of 4100 yuan / ton, down 250 yuan / ton, compared with 2013.

According to the Chinese Newspaper Industry Association statistics, in 2014 the domestic newsprint production of about 260 million tons, the production of paper mills around 215 million tons, in the small paper mill production of about 45 million tons, yield than last year decreased by 30%.

On the export side, from January to September 2014, newsprint cumulative export 7.1 million tons, and last year was basically flat; on the import side, the annual import volume 6 to 7 million tons, import price of 45 grams of newsprint is about 4100 yuan / ton, source of imports is mainly South Korea, the United States, Canada also has a part.

In the demand side, the decline in newspaper advertising and layout, as well as the decline in the issue of metropolitan newspapers and other factors, resulting in a decline in the volume of newspaper news reports. According to the newspaper China Newspaper Association of the 75 household paper amount of survey data, 2014 than 2013 paper consumption increased with 16, an average increase of 21%, reduced has 44, reduce the rate of 58.7% and 15 flat. The 75 newspapers in 2013 with a total of tons of paper, in 2014 the total amount of paper for the total amount of tons, a decline of 10%.

Because of the serious oversupply of newsprint market in 2013, 2014 at the beginning of the mill and the newspaper inventory is very large. Coupled with the aggravation of the market competition, domestic economic growth slowed, rising production enterprises the main factor cost, environmental protection policy the overall trend is strict and other reasons, newsprint enterprise production and operation costs rise, profit margins have been squeezed, survival pressure also will further increase. To this end, the newsprint mill to increase promotional efforts, resulting in newsprint prices from last year began to continue running low, the industry as a whole in the comprehensive loss of state.

On the other hand, the global news paper market in recent years has been faced with the pressure of declining demand. The demand for the North American newsprint market is declining at an average annual rate of 6~7%. According to statistics, the North American news paper in the first 8 months of 2014, the operating rate fell to 92%, the transaction price continued to decline, has been nearly 3 years of low.

China Press Association, the relevant person is expected in 2015 the national news paper market changes, although there are many uncertain factors, but the market demand has become a foregone conclusion.

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